Aarna Law is actively involved in corporate advisory on energy-efficient power plants by IT majors and also advises on the setting up of solar, wind, and hydropower plants.

Foreign Investment

We specialize in the resolution of disputes between foreign investors and sovereign states. Aarna also advises private companies on Foreign Direct Investments.

Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

Aarna Law works on private equity investors' investments in generic drug manufacturers and represents multiple generic drug manufacturers in their disputes with Big Pharma — involving both court action and arbitration.


We represent jet engine manufacturers in court proceedings relating to recovery amounts payable by airlines. A partner of our practice also undertook a course on jet engines to understand the technical nuances of such proceedings.

Banking, Finance & Insolvency

Banking & Finance is one of Aarna's core areas of expertise. We advise an array of clients; banks and financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies. We also serve clients seeking relief as a creditor, debtor, or in any other capacity when confronted with legal problems related to bankruptcy and insolvency.


Aarna Law is involved in motor vehicle claims and also advises startups in the automotive industry on their compliance requirements in India. We also provide legal support, right from the initial stages of their business plans.

Construction, Engineering & Infrastructure

We represent public sector undertakings and construction companies in relation to construction disputes including civil suits and arbitrations. The range of issues involved in such cases include power projects, residential projects, and land title disputes.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We focus on pre-transaction and pre-dispute corporate advisory. We also draft and review several agreements for clients in various sectors such as supply and services, consultancy, tax indemnification, leave and license, collaboration, manufacturing, and non-disclosure agreements.

Direct & Indirect Tax

Aarna Law advises clients on corporate, commercial, and financial transactions. Also, we advise on tax-efficient structures for public as well as private mergers and acquisitions.


Our practice structures complex family offices across jurisdictions and advises on creating specialized trusts. Further, we draft wills, file applications for issue of letters of administration, and provide opinions on issues of probate and succession certificates.

Media & Telecommunications

We represent media groups in defamation claims and trademark disputes, among others.

IT & Internet of Things

Aarna is involved in the incorporation of e-commerce startups, shareholder agreements, and infringement of trademarks. We also draft terms and conditions for use of websites, privacy policies, and rules applying to e-commerce companies.

Space Law

We are currently the only private practice in India involved in niche areas such as Space Law. A senior member of the Aarna team is currently on secondment with the corporate arm of an Indian space giant. We also represent this space giant in complex disputes.


Aarna Law guides the setting up of professional associations, reviews and drafts contracts for both players and coaches, and also advises on various sports-related disputes.

Environmental Law

Aarna files Public Interest Litigations to restrain local governments from construction in heritage areas, and advises clients regarding Coastal Economic Zone rules, including those related to construction around these area.

Constitutional Law

Aarna's practice guides private party associations and companies pursuing constitutional and writ remedies to safeguard their fundamental and constitutional rights.

Employment Law

The employment and labor law practice at the Aarna includes the drafting of employment and service contracts, employee Share Option Plans, industrial disputes, strikers, as well as exit formalities of high-ranking managerial personnel.

Shipping & Maritime Law

Our practice advises and represents cargo owners and purchasers in shipping and maritime claims.


We advise international sports retailers in actions against counterfeit products, and guide manufacturers in IP disputes as well.